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Haste of the Heart - Keyword Color Pie Study

Each keyword in Magic the Gathering typically has a primary color associated to it. Most players think of this as a mechanical decision when in fact it is so much more. The truth is that through these keywords we can see another side of color philosophy and learn something from it. All by taking a closer look at these keywords and asking the question “What relation is there between themes and mechanics.” Stick around and I will show you what I mean with today’s subject Haste and the color Red.

Let’s first lay the groundwork by defining the keyword then we will look at some examples of its use throughout Mtg. Haste reads “This creature can attack and tap as soon as it comes under your control.” The first card with this effect, at least close to what we think of when we think of Haste, was the card Nether shadow.

Interestingly enough this first card was a Black aligned spirit and not Red. The first Red card printed with Haste was Ball Lightning. It wouldn’t be until Sixth edition with cards like fervor and Raging Goblin where the keyword was born. Now Haste is an integral part of the game. A keyword ingrained into our very souls. Showing up in every set with the most recent examples being cards like Reckless Stormseeker and Bloodthirsty Adversary.

Haste is what I would call a primary keyword. A Keyword so ubiquitous within its primary color that their identities are intertwined. In a previous article I explained how I see this concept present with White and Vigilance. So why Haste and Red then? What makes this Keyword the perfect thematical and philosophical pair for Red?

What I find so perfect about this pairing is how with one word it explains the heart of Red. In fact, I would say the core of Red is the Haste of the Heart. It is purity of action through the Haste of intent. You see, the key to understanding Red is that it’s primary ideal is the act of following your heart to its fullest extent with no time to stop and question its intensions.

So, this idea that Haste facilitates an ease of action without regard, or an accelerated mindset with no time to stop and think, is a concept that is incredibly Red. This is the key to why Red is so pure, because while we spend time doubting ourselves, we move away from who we are. Red trusts its gut and moves to act on it with Haste.

Thanks for reading my latest article, now the question is on you. What is another keyword you could consider a primary Keyword? If you enjoyed this article then consider becoming a site member. Members will be notified when my next article drops. Also I make YouTube videos all about the color pie so if you like this sort of thing then I suggest you check that out, I know you'll love it. All my links are down below.

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