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Best of 2022 | Dicetry Retrospective

This year has been pretty big for this channel, I have seen a lot of growth not just in my sub numbers but in my ability to write and edit videos. A few videos of mine have stood out as being the ones I am most proud of, so I am going to celebrate I have put this article together where I can show off and discuss each one.

I Think I Broke the Color Pie

I count this video as the beginning of the next phase of my channel. I was able to test myself with bigger concepts and prove my knowledge. What is more is that I ended up taking more time to edit and write this one and I believe it shows. This is what marked a change in how I would approach every video going forward.

But Why is the Goblin Red

With this confidence I moved on to asking myself questions that I found interesting and in turn I came to the realization that there were others who shared my need to know. When I came up with the idea for the video I had nothing to back it up but a hunch, yet I found the question intriguing. It was a risk but in the end I proved to myself that I could simply ask myself questions I had no answer to up front as a way to challenge myself.

Love in Every Color

From here I wanted to start asking myself questions about how each color viewed key aspects of our humanity, love being one of the strongest seemed like a great place to start. This idea was born of wanting to lay the groundwork for discussing colors in specific terms as a true way to showcase who each color really was.

Horror in Every Color

This of course led me to begin talking about darker topics, as I have always been interesting in the darker side of humanity. Now I am no horror buff but the idea that horror in each color was the conjuring of what their enemies fear most was just to good to pass up.

Death in Every Color

In the end it doesn't get darker than talking about death itself. Its a topic some may shy away from but it is an important one none the less.

The Color Pie - A System Beyond Magic

In the end, the video I am most proud of was the one where I discuss why the color pie is so important, not just to me, but to this game we love. I have said it many times but the color pie is the building blocks of the multiverse.

So which video from Dicetry was your favorite this year, leave a comment below. With the year coming to a close I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported my creative endeavors. 2022 has been a big year for me and this channel. I am confident that the next year will be even better, as I take all I have learned and build upon it.

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