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[BLUE] What your Favorite MTG Color says about You

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Blue is the color of learning, curiosity, and perfectionism.

You are the type of person who is always searching for answers to life’s endless questions. “What is the purpose of my existence?” “What lies beyond our earthly realm?”

“How do magnets work?" -Insane Clown Posse.

You are never satisfied with not knowing and so you face those questions head-on, taking on each answer, finding a new question along the way. Your curiosity is never satiated, and so, you are ever the student, always willing to learn. Because of this mindset, you often find yourself drawn to Science and Philosophy, practices that aim to build upon the ideas and discoveries of others. It may be impossible to know and understand everything but that won’t stop you from trying.

You are the kind of person who aims to master any hobby you focus on, always seeking ways to improve and better your skills.

You tend to gravitate to hobbies that stimulate your mind in some way, games like chess, tactical tabletop games, or card game, like Magic the Gathering. It’s in these competitive style hobbies where you are given the chance to use your brain and put it to the test against others.

Sometimes you can take your chosen Hobby a bit too seriously and casual games can be tough, as you’re always looking to find the most optimal strategies. None the less that’s the kind of mindset that wins and hey isn’t that what games are about.

What’s more is that this mindset, built up in your hobbies, is one that shows its fruits in everyday life, resulting in someone who is driven and focused on self-improvement. Some people may say you take life a bit too seriously, but you laugh at their inability to focus and their lack of desire to find their own version of perfection.

You are the type of friend who is more comfortable standing on the outside, only really ever adding to the conversation when you are sure you have something worth adding. Sometimes it can feel like you spend more time in your head, and a relationship can be difficult for you. That said, those who have managed to crack your shell find that you are a great friend worth having, one who is always a source of great conversation.

You are Blue, smart, capable, and filled with the insatiable desire to learn.

If you want to learn more about Color Philosophy, then be sure to check out more of the great content on this website or head over to my YouTube page, links for everything I’m on down below. Color philosophy is something I love to talk about, and I would love for you to join me in the conversation.

With that, I’ll catch you in the multiverse bye!

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1 Comment

Jazz Hill
Jazz Hill
Mar 24, 2021

Can't wait to see what you say about Red and Green 😌😊 looking forward to the next article

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