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Dicetry's Favorite Videos of 2021

Looking back 2021 has been an amazing year for this channel. Not only has there been some great growth, but I also believe I have grown as a content creator. This past year has seen some of my favorite videos of mine that I have ever created, so I thought it would be a great way to end out the year by selecting my top 5 and saying a little bit about each one. These will be in no particular order; this will simply be a list of the five videos I am most proud of.


Strixhaven: a new way to look at color

This video will always be special to me because it was the largest collaboration I have ever done. I somehow managed to get five different content creators to help me voice some the flavor text for this video and I am not sure if it is a feat, I could pull off again. I think it gave some extra flavor to each college and help give each section more personality. With the new Strixhaven book now out I think this is one I hope people get a chance to check out if they haven’t.

4 The Satanism of Anton Lavey Color Philosophy

I will always love this video because it allowed me to really step outside of Magic and talk about a topic, I have a lot of interest in, Satanism and philosophy. This is a type of video I would like to do again but is one that takes a lot of preparation. I always want to make sure I do the subject matter justice which requires reading books on the topic. I will have a video in this style next year, but this one will always be one of my favorites.


Why you should use the MTG COLOR PIE instead of the DnD Alignment Chart

This video is my best performing yet. It really amazed me how many people connected with this video and how many new subscribers it brought in. It’s funny when I made this video, I didn’t think anything of it, sure I thought I made something good but not something that would resonate with people this much. It helped show me a new avenue for the color pie, in that it can be bridged into DnD and for that I will always look back fondly on this one.


The Collision of Vampiric Ideologies in MTG | White & Black

It feels like it’s been a year since I have touched on lore in any capacity so it kind of felt nostalgic making this one, even though its focus’ more on the color philosophy than the lore. This video was the product of an idea that sunk into my head and got me excited right away. Sometime when you get a certain video idea that excites you in the brainstorming phase then you know you are on to something. That was the case with this video, and because it did so well, I decided to branch out and cover werewolves and angels. In the future I intend to continue this trend, as to what creature type, well you will have to wait and see.


The Space Between Thought and Color

I don’t want to sound dramatic, but I believe this video is my magnum opus… ok well that was a tad dramatic. I think it’s safe to say that this was not only my favorite video of 2021 but of my whole two years on YouTube. I believe I was able to create a cinematic and thought-provoking experience with this one and honestly that’s my biggest goal for 2022, to make more videos that give off the same feel as this one. I was so afraid to cover colorless for so long and I am happy that I finally did.

If you enjoyed these videos and all the content that I put out consider becoming a Patron today, or join my discord, which is free and open to everyone. Links for everything Dicetry are down below. With that friend I’ll catch you in the multiverse bye.

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I liked your selection of the best videos. I would like to see them in 1080p. Personally, I use the best free video converter for mac and have no problem increasing the quality of my videos. By the way, when can we expect the next game release?

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