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Duality in Magic - White-Blue (Azorius)

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Over twenty-five years ago, the game of Magic: the Gathering was created, and with it the five colors that have become all too familiar. In the beginning, these colors were primarily a mechanical design with only a little bit of flavor tying things together. Over time, those five colors have become more defined, with even the combinations of those colors having philosophies of their own. In this article, I will be discussing the color combination Blue-White, the pair who aims for perfection through order.

When talking about pairs, it's always important to outline what each of the color's core beliefs are, so I'll give you a basic rundown of the two colors being discussed. If you want to learn the five colors of Magic: the Gathering in-depth, then keep an eye on this site, as more color philosophy articles are being posted all the time, or head to my YouTube channel, where you will find videos on the subject.

Now, let's begin with White. White wants to create a world of peace and order, one where no one suffers and everyone has what they need. The thing is, White believes that we can't all be trusted to achieve this ideal on our own. So it utilizes morality and order as a way of holding back our more savage impulses. These guiding principles take the form of religion and law.

Blue is the color that is always looking to better itself, a goal it devotes its entire existence to. You see, we are all born into this world a blank slate, and through knowledge, devotion, and practice, we can all improve on what came before. So when you have a strong desire to improve not just yourself, but the world around you and that desire is coupled with a focus on community and order, you get White-Blue.

When we all live in a safe society, we can then all spend energies we would otherwise devote elsewhere to things like art and learning.

Because of this, Blue-White is always looking to create a world where peace can allow for learning. In many ways, this color combination is the epitome of modern society, one where the rule of law aims for the betterment of all. In a lot of ways, we can all see many parallels between Blue-White and our own world, just maybe not as much magic.

So, how then does Blue-White create a world where learning and growth can take center stage? Well, for that, this combination borrows heavily from White, the color that creates laws and structures that protect society. This, in turn, can give its Blue side breathing room to do its research. Now, the area where White has to change one of its two primary methods of the structure is in the use of religion, because with Blue on board, they tend to shy away from that.

Instead, they lean into systems that are more under their control, so having a deity is usually out of the question.

They instead move towards governmental bodies and laws that can be added to or improved upon. Where White on its own can be very steadfast in its beliefs, Blue adds the flexibility to their relationship. The laws they create and the ways of adapting those laws must be flexible, because things change and discoveries are made.

These laws must be rooted in logic rather than emotion. This is where a base morality falls apart and logical thinking comes to the forefront. Don't get me wrong; morality, of course, exists in the creation of many laws, but it should never supersede intelligent discovery or thinking. This is where governments instead of monarchies come in.

On its own, White will usually look to a single bastion of order, whereas Blue sees the value in democracy, and of putting ideas to the test.

When you have a group that can spend time thinking and discussing every facet of law, or of society as a whole, you can get a bigger picture. In this way, you can see what a monarchical ruling system may overlook. With such a society in place, we can create perfection through order, a goal that is always moving and can always be iterated on.

Now, shaping a world where intelligence and creativity can take center stage is more than intangible things like law and the ideal of order -- it can be something much more concrete. I would say that of all the colors of Magic, Blue-White is the most concerned with and the best at, the creation of cities that facilitate self-improvement and expression.

In White, we have a color that builds castles and walls to keep its people safe, and in Blue, we see the building of institutions for discovery. One of the best examples of this is the City of Meletis on Theros: a place where every bit of architecture means something, and where libraries and temples are of high importance. It's a city where the handiwork of its people can be seen in every street corner.

You see, learning cannot happen without the physical means to do so. This means libraries and laboratories.

Not only that, but the people must also be safe to learn. This means walls and structures that protect. Then tie this all together with the use of magic and technology, and what you have is a society positioned in a way where the only way to move is up; a city where opportunity hides around every corner.

Sometimes the representation of White-Blue can be translated into wisdom, intellect, discipline, and learning. It is peace through knowledge. It is understanding oneself so that we may understand others, and in turn be of service to others.

A good example of this is the Ojutai Clan, who looks for enlightenment and martial prowess in equal order. The dragons and monks of this order live a life of strict discipline in the hopes of reaching perfection.

In many ways, this is the combination of the order and discipline of White and the self-improvement of blue.

On the other hand, we have the sphinxes, beings who embody wisdom and intellect like no other. They live a life that may often be solitary, but they are all too willing to help those who need them. It is through their understanding of the world around them and the people within, as well as the ability to look into the future, that these benevolent beings may help those in need.

Whether it be self-reflection, building structures, or creating laws, it is the primary goal of Blue-White to build a society where order can foster perfection. A society of peace where learning and self-improvement are more than ideals, and instead are the right of every person.

Thanks for joining me in discussing the color combination Blue-White. If you liked this article, then please share it with others on social media and help this site grow. Make sure to check back often for more articles. With that, I'll catch you in the Multiverse. Bye!

[Edited by Cameron Davis]

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