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GREEN, What Your Favorite Magic the Gathering Color Says About You.


Green is the Color of Harmony, Stability, and the Bigger Picture

Old Man Surrounded by animals MTG art

You are the kind of person who understands that there is more to the world around you than just yourself. You are firmly aware of the eco systems that surround you, the biomes outside of that and the infinity of space. It’s a perspective that breeds uncertainty in others and yet calms you. You embrace the idea that everything has its place within a grander scheme, and that the earth and the cosmos outside of it as one extensive unit, each piece a part of the other, and you are but one small aspect of it all.

To you the meaning of life is a matter of enjoying the simple things and of being in harmony with the planet and its inhabitants. You don’t worry about if you are doing the right thing, as you have a feeling that things will work themselves out as they are supposed to, that there is some form of destiny guiding our actions. As everything has moved along as it should since time began and who are you to question that.

You are the type of friend who is easy to be around, you are patient and accepting of people’s differences, as you believe we are all different and in the end that’s what makes us the same. You also count animals among your friends as much as you do people but are also more than happy to simply sit under a tree and enjoy the fresh air.

You are Green, simple, content and accepting.

Thanks for reading the final installment in the series. This was a fun one to write. Sometimes its best to not take Color Philosophy to seriously and just have a bit of fun with it. If you enjoyed this article then consider becoming a member so that you get notified when the next one comes out. With that friends, I'll catch you in the multiverse, bye!

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