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Innistrad and the Problem with Constant Previews

On August 4th Wizards of the Coast made an announcement of an announcement over Twitter, which set you may ask. Well, I don’t blame you for losing track as we have not had a day’s rest between reveals in a while. The next set of previews will be for the set Innistrad Midnight Hunt, a set I should be overjoyed to dive into, as Innistrad is by far one of my favorite Planes. The issue is that I have barely gotten through Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, a set that has only been out now on paper since July 23rd, a mere 12 days, as of writing this article. TWELVE DAYS!

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Banner

I haven’t been playing magic full time as long as most, having only really dug deep into the game around the release of Amonket, and in that time I have seen Magic change so much.

Preview season was always something to look forward to, it used to lined up nicely with the ebb and flow of interest in the game.

Just as a set was getting long in the tooth and everyone had their fill a new set would show itself and spark community wide fascination. Now we are not only bombarded with constant products, we are also shown new standard sets without any time to breath and enjoy the one we are in. The sheer number of products released now is at a breakneck speed and its like the saying goes “If everything is special nothing is special”

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This constant reveal cycle paired with having only one set per Plane has made the game feel less like an adventure and more of a tourist experience. We are shown a bit of a Plane and its story and before we even get a chance to talk to the locals, we are off to a new world.

This creates a feeling that everything is meaningless, and like I said nothing feels special and there is no sign of slowing down. It’s like ordering a pizza, finally sitting down to eat it, but before you even finish the first slice the waiter comes and brings you the menu again. Sure, you love their pizza, but when you're full your full, and by the time the waiter comes around for the third time you wonder if you’ll ever come back to the restaurant again.

Twitter conversation discussing Innistrad Previews

I am usually the last person to complain, and I am honestly easy to please, but I have to say this has me frustrated and I am not alone in this sentiment. Just a quick look through the comments on WOTC’s post you see a high margin of the comments are all people voicing their frustrations.

I am no fool and I know that things will never go back to the way they were, as WOTC is clearly making a ton of money, but I do hope they understand the damage they are doing. In that the game is becoming less special every year and more like a commodity I’m to invested in to abandon.

Let me know what you think of all this? Am I blowing things out of proportion or are my frustrations valid? If you want to read more of my thoughts or any other articles on Magic: the Gathering then be sure to take a look through my catalogue or sign up to become a member down below so that you are notified when my next article goes live. It’s been good talking to you, with that I’ll catch you in the multiverse bye!

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