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Kaldheim Teaser Lore Breakdown and Reaction

The teaser Trailer for Kaldheim dropped on December 17th, 2020, and gives us a taste of what the future holds on this Norse-themed Plane. While this was no major story trailer, it does give us an insight into the motivations of the next antagonist of this winter set, Kaldheim.

Until it was revealed, I would not have been able to guess that Tibalt would be the villain of the set, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense.

In a lot of ways, it seems like he will be fulfilling the multiverses' version of Loki on Kaldheim and for that, I think he fits the bill. Now before we get into what exactly this teaser entails for the future of the story I think I would like to take a second to just react to the trailer and give some insight into what I think about it overall. If you have not watched the trailer then watch that first, then come back.

As far as the quality of the teaser trailer and its art direction, I do think this new generation of trailers, beginning with War of the Spark, has been great for the most part. Obviously, we have had some questionable decisions at times, like the

music in the Ikoria trailer, but overall I think they have been great and an obvious step up from the old style of Magic: the Gathering trailers. This teaser really only suffers from being a teaser, as it's too short to really sink your teeth into, and, well that's OK as long as we do get a full-length story trailer.

So what about that story, or at least the implications of the story. Well because of the promotional material we know that Kaya is returning and while we are not exactly sure why, it does make sense on a Plane that has a strong tie to the afterlife, as this is a common thread in Norse mythology. That said there isn't really much else we can gather from her being a focal point of the story. I just hope that it turns out to be interesting. As I said at the top, we also have Tibalt, who in the teaser crafts a whole speak revolving around this powerful sword, one with a connection to the world tree of Kaldheim.

We also get two new Planeswalkers in Kaldheim, one a native of the Plane, an elf named Tyvar Kell who we briefly see in the teaser. The second, Niko Aris, a fresh Planewalker who traveled from Theros to Kaldheim. As these two characters don't have any dialogue or story beats in the teaser let's save their story breakdown for the future.

All in all, I think this teaser trailer is well put together but I honestly won't really be happy unless we get a full-on story trailer. I really did enjoy the Zendikar one that we got, even if it did have some discrepancies, as seeing the characters play out scenes in beautiful graphics just adds that extra touch to a new world.

Like a lot of things with WOTC and clear storytelling, they have a lot of work ahead of them but I do think consistency is a major problem.

So I do hope the story trailer, short stories, and cards all line up nicely to tell a cohesive tale. None the less this teaser has done its job and I am excited and curious to see what the future holds and you should be too.

I would love to know what you thought about the teaser and your ideas for the future of Kaldheim, leave your comments below and be sure to check back again as we will covering Kaldheim more as information comes to light. With that, I'll catch you in the multiverse bye!


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