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Love in Each Color | Color Pie Philosophy

Magic the Gathering is a game focused on conflict and because of this the way we see the color pie expressed is through conflict. In that way we understand the ways in which the color pie can hate, but rarely, do we get insight into how it can love. Out of the one hundred and forty eight cards which mention love in their flavor text very few of them actually talk about genuine love, rather than a love of violence. This does not mean that the color pie cannot show love, quite the opposite, it just needs a helping hand, and so in this article I will do just that. Today we will discuss how each of the five colors express love and what they look for in those they love, and yes this even includes Black. So sit down get comfortable and hold tight someone close to you as we discuss love and the color pie.


As usual with these types of articles where I discuss each of the five colors and their perspective we will start at the top of the color pie with White and make our way around from there. It could be said that White is the one color most conditioned for selfless love. The sort of love where they give themselves fully to the person who draws out that love. As we know White is all to willing to give itself fully to that which it believes in, and when that same mentality is focused on a person whom it loves, then this translates into someone who gives everything they are to the person they hold dear.

I wouldn't go as far to say that they worship this person but that wouldn't be all that far from the truth as well. Another aspect of this love is that it's a loyal and monogamous love. They have no need for others once they have set their eyes on the object of their devotion. You can rely on a White aligned person to be there for you whenever you need them, to act with your best interests in mind, and to give up aspects of their life to better yours. Its almost as if they give themselves fully to those they love. Think of how White shows acts of devotion to a cause or higher being and then bring that down and apply it to a person who they love and you will understand what I mean.


Blue is an interesting case in that its a color that can have trouble expressing itself, as it's the more analytical and often cold color in this regard. It could be said that it looks at the world around it differently than most, in more logical terms but that does not mean it cannot love, it just may not look at it in the same way that we often associate with this type of personal connection. For instance Blue aims to find a partner that will bring out the best in them, someone who is asymmetrical with their outlook and goals.

Blue will see a relationship more as a partnership of two individuals who are there for each other, and whom wish the best for one another. This isn't too say its a simple business transaction, it is love, its just that the connection is based on something more than emotional ties. Because of its demeanor Blue will be less likely to produce overt actions of romance but you can bet that they see you as the most valued part of their life. The love of Blue is a more cerebral love as well, its a wishing to understand fully the person that they are committed too. Not just because they want to make the right decisions but more so because they are fascinated with this person. Blue would be the color that would want to stay up all night just to talk, to understand you better. If you are someone who is Blue aligned you may understand what I mean. Its not that Blue does not love or feel emotions its just they are more reserved and calculating. They cherish your time it just may not be so overt and easily expressed.


It would seem, at first, that a color as self absorbed as Black would not be one to put time into another person, but this is just is not true. Sure there are instances of true narcissism in Black but this does not represent every form of this color. In fact there are many cases where a Black aligned person would find and express love for another in a way that is still all encompassing. In fact it can be a very personal love, an attachment to another person that is as strong as the attachment they have for themselves. Its a sort of all or nothing love, a love that says you are me and I am you, we are one.

In this way Black can express a sort of jealous love where they have high expectations of your love but will be forthcoming with their own love for you. When we think of love it can seem to be a purely mutual action between two people but in fact love is a very personal thing. Its that desire for the feeling you get in your gut when you fall madly in love with someone. Love is selfish in many ways, we need the person to reciprocate the expression of our desires in order to feel fulfilled. So yes Black can love and that love can be very personal. The type of love you could expect from Black is someone who would go to any length for you, taking any act that would pull them apart as an act directed at themselves. This type of love could be messy but powerful as a Black aligned person will go to the ends of the earth to receive the love it feels it deserves. It could be said that White would die for the one it loves and in the case of Black it would kill for it.


Can red love? Of course it can, it is the color of expression and emotion, so in fact red's expression of love can be the most passionate and fiery version. It is a love that you would read of in romance novels, an epic tale of lust and passion. Its a love that is intense and wild, it can burn hot as a blaze and yet fizzle out in the same token, as Red desires to feel the extremes of love at all times and when it finds itself in a complacent relationship it is eager to spark a new one. None the less the embers of Red's love will flicker and burn for long after the love has went out.

You will recognize the love of a Red aligned person from the get go and for the time you are with them you will feel passion and romance in its entirety. It is the type of romance that you only ever find once in your life, the person whose image will stick with you even when the years have faded from memory, the feeling of their embrace remaining. This is a love of extremes, it can be a heated expression of physical love one day, or a wild argument the next. You will laugh, cry and yell with this person, sometimes all in the same day. It will feel as if the relationship moves fast, without a second to think, it's an impulsive love. A whirlwind of expression.


Green is an interesting case and one you might think of as not being so concerned with love, in that it would be indifferent to such, but once again I would say that indeed every color has its own expression of love and Green is no different. In the eye of Green their love is a product of finding ones soulmate, the person whom they were destined to fall in love with. In this way the Green lover will believe it was fate which brought the two together and because of this they put everything into that person. They intertwine their own lives with them, creating an almost symbiotic relationship, an ecosystem bread of their pairing.

To someone who falls in love with a Green aligned person you will feel connected to them in a way you may not feel from any other member of the color pie, it is a love that will feel natural, as if you truly were meant to be together and because of this you live in a rhythm with one another. It is an intertwining of life and outcome. It is a love that will last a lifetime and is believed to persist into the next. Green may not fight for its partner as whatever the outcome it was meant to be, but as soulmates you know that your paths run side by side and there could be only one outcome and that is both of your together, as if you were born for each other


Understanding how love works across the color pie is a matter of understanding how each color expresses itself and from there you can piece together how they would express this most human feature. Love is a complex thing but can still be broken down into forms of passionate articulation in order to better understand and frame discussions on it. Love can be selfless, cerebral, jealous, passionate or a product of ones own destiny. In fact it can be a mixture of these things, so you see it is indeed true that each color can find and express love for another and I am sure you can place yourself somewhere within the color pie when it comes to your expression of love. Or perhaps you can recognize a relationship you had with someone who fit into one of these molds. Of course humans are far more complex than simple boxes to be placed into but there is some truth in the ways these colors display aspects of humanity through the answering of these types of question.

In a lot of ways, like other aspects of humanity, it could be said that we are a mixture of these traits, a combinations of lovers intentions, and in that way multiple colors often form a more complete picture of us. So I ask you now, where does your expression of love fit in here and what sort of colors do you look for in a partner?

Thanks for reading and if you enjoy discussing color pie theory then be sure to browse the website for more create articles like this, or follow me on social media, I will have links below. With that friends I'll catch you in the multiverse, bye!

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