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Is Commander Overrated & More MTG Hot Takes

I know on this channel we spend a lot of time talking about serious topics, like philosophy, character and world building but today I wanted to have a bit of fun. Asked you across Twitter, Discord and Youtube for your spiciest hot take on Magic and well I got a lot of responses. I won't be able to get to all of them so I picked my ten favorite. We will go over those today and I will give my thoughts on them, ending with the hottest take of all. If this does well enough then we can bring this back again because wow there was a lot of submissions. Alright sit down get comfortable and lets talk magic the gathering hot takes.


I totally agree. Black sort of feels like the moustache twirling typical bad guy. There is something scary that happens when colors like white become villains, as they are villains who think what they are doing is right. What's scarier than an fanatical enemy who can justify their actions. Blue on the other hand when evil can become deathly cold. They act with no empathy and will force change on an unwilling masses.


I'm not sure this is that hot of a take as people have been pretty dissatisfied by the story as of late. For me Magic is best when its these big stories and I feel they wanted a break from that. They just need to lean into what's good about magic and what its IP can do that others can't


I never thought about this but I do like this idea. In my mind you are totally right, they embody every aspect of Green at its purest form.


I agree with this. I don't really want to see a four color faction unless there was a real good way to do it. For them the mechanics get pretty muddy and from a world building perspective it doesn't leave you much room to differentiate the factions. Its a lot of the same reason why I am not as eager to cover the topic.


I had to look for this to confirm and yup he did say that. I honestly can't believe it. It really doesn't make sense to me. Sometimes it feels like there is a conflict between the mechanical color pie and that of the philosophical one. The issue is that while balancing around colors for game play you can lose balancing the colors for your factions and world building.


I disagree when talking about the game but when talking color philosophy I think this is very important. That's why I shy away from it when I can, only using the names once and a while. I always want you to think of the combination of the colors present. The issue is when I say Izzet the first thing that comes to mind is the guild not the combination of Red and Blue which in turn can damage our ability to think outside of the box.


Now this is a really hot take and I am very much on the fence with this one. I think it does get people interested magic who wouldn't otherwise be but on the other hand I think that WOTC should really lean into their own world building. Creating worlds and characters that other IP's envy.


I agree, we all to often see this death, toxin or rot side of this combination. Which is fine and its thematically sound, but there is also a lot more to this color and you touched on something already. Maybe they lean into Greens more animal side then add in Blacks perspective to really lean into a predators philosophy, or the idea of only the strongest survive, something both Green and Black can agree on.


I could see pirates being Jund that could really work. For me as long as they weren't blue, there is nothing really blue about the average pirate, perhaps we could see that with the captain or something, but this is another one of those instances where pirates are blue because water. Its the conflict between the lands and the philosophies we sometimes see. Blue has islands so Pirates have blue. Its the same thing with merfolk being blue while I don't think it always fits.


Ending on the spiciest take. This one is hard to place my opinion on. Commander is by far my favorite format, that said WOTC recent focus on commander has kind of ruined what made it good. Instead of getting a set and finding what cards might be good in commander we are instead in a situation where cards are designed with commander in mind, even in the main sets. Plus there is such a bloat of Legendary creatures that it loses some of what made it special. On the other hand I do like the pre-constructed commander decks that WOTC releases. Its a hard to say where I sit in this debate, I can really see both sides of it. For this one I am gonna have to ask you, do you think commander is overrated?

Well I hope you enjoyed this bit of fun. If you have your own MTG hot take then be sure to let me know in a comment. If you liked this article then be sure to subscribe to the site that way you will be notified when the next one goes live. With that Friend I will catch you in the multiverse Bye!

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