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New Players Guide to the Color Pie | Magic: the Gathering

So you decided to pick up the wonderful game of Magic: the Gathering but you are stuck on one of the most fundamental questions every new player must answer. What color is right for me? I know that when I started I found it all a little overwhelming, as picking the right colors that you vibe with can really shape your enjoyment of the game. As you don't want to buy into a deck only to realize that you don't get along with its playstyle, or you come to find that the themes represented don't align with how you wish to express yourself in the game.

This is why learning what you can about each color is so important. As picking a color that resonates with you is always better than latching on to one that is currently meta, as meta's always change. Instead define the type of planes walker you wish to be, as expressed by the colors you decide to play with. If you look at Magic through this frame of mind you will begin to understand why it is, us long time players, have formed such a bond with this great game. If this idea excites you then you're already on the right track. So let's not waste anymore time and begin at the top of the color pie.


in the vast and sprawling multiverse, white mana shines like the pristine plains it calls home. A beacon of order and harmony, white mana embodies the noble virtues upheld by chivalrous knights, resolute soldiers, and watchful angels. These exemplars of righteousness are a common sight across countless planes, staunchly defending against the encroaching chaos that threatens their worlds.

Within the realm of white mana, unity and cooperation are paramount. Thus White dictates that every individual, no matter how humble, plays a vital role in the battle against darkness. As such, white mana is known for summoning an array of modest yet valiant creatures, backed up by fearless knights and clerics. Amidst the ranks of these resilient defenders, emerge benevolent angels. These luminous beings inspire their comrades-in-arms, lending strength and guidance.

The angels, with their ethereal wings and radiant auras, are a light in the darkness which sends evil recoiling. However, the principled stance of white mana is not without its limits. When the forces of darkness loom large and victory seems elusive, white mana does not shy away from enacting radical measures. It possesses the power imprison wrongdoers, exile the vile, or to purify the battlefield, wiping it clean with wrath spells. Yet, such approaches are viewed as a last resort, for white mana would rather deploy enchantments that act as laws upon the battlefield.

These enchantments serve as safeguards by imposing levies on the greedy or compelling the violent to reconsider their actions. Because of this white mana instills a sense of responsibility and encourages thoughtful decision-making. Though white mana yearns for a world of unblemished peace, it acknowledges the reality of conflict within the multiverse. Thus, it becomes a beacon of hope for those who refuse to compromise their moral compass, for those who persist in their duties even in the face of insurmountable odds. Choosing the path of white mana is a commitment to being a Planeswalker who holds an unwavering desire for justice, a guardian who takes up arms to defend the innocent, and a steadfast beacon of light amidst the shadows.


Amidst the glistening shores, tranquil waters, and enchanting islands of the multiverse, the essence of Blue mana flows like a gentle tide. This color embodies the pursuit of perfection through ceaseless refinement and adaptation. Blue mana seeks to shape the multiverse into an ideal state, a vision it tirelessly pursues by harnessing the very fabric of magic that courses through every plane. This intricate dance with arcane forces leads Blue to master the art of sorceries and instant spells, using them as tools to craft its desired reality. At the heart of Blue mana lies a mind attuned to precision and calculation.

Those who embrace the blue way of thinking are exacting thinkers, always in search of the most elegant and efficient solutions to the myriad of challenges presented to them. This analytical approach extends to every aspect of combat. Blue Planes-walkers meticulously delve into their libraries, utilizing an array of efficient draw spells to pull from their vast knowledge to extract the precise tools needed to overcome any obstacle. Striving to be perpetually ahead of their opponents, Blue mages manipulate the very flow of the game itself. Creatures may vanish from the battlefield, slipping back to their origins in a ripple of arcane energy.

Time-twisting magics allow blue to take extra turns, giving them precious moments to craft their next move. Counterspells, the cornerstone of Blue's tactical arsenal, serve to shatter an opponent's plans just as they begin to take shape. While it holds control of its opponent Blue is always working to weave together a masterful strategy aimed at achieving its unconventional victory conditions. Unlike some other colors that rely on brute force and direct damage, Blue seeks alternate avenues to triumph.

It embraces the role of a cerebral architect, constructing elaborate combos that defy traditional notions of victory. These strategies often involve intricate card interactions that lead to victory through manipulation, synergy, and the clever utilization of its resources. Choosing to align oneself with Blue mana signifies a dedication to the art of control and a love of strategy. It's an invitation to engage in a game of wits and tactics, much like a chess match where each move influences the grand narrative. So, if you yearn for the thrill of outwitting your opponent, if you relish the pursuit of the perfect solution, and if you aspire to navigate the currents of magic with an intellectual flair, then becoming a Blue Planeswalker will surely be your chosen path.


From the dark bubbling mire of the multiverse's dire swamps manifests Black mana. A color driven by an unquenchable thirst for victory, Black embraces a resolute dedication to prevailing, no matter the cost. Central to Black mana's essence are the darker aspects of existence, embodied by its most distinctive creature type the Demon. These malevolent entities epitomize hatred and malice, embodying the very essence of Black mana's relentless pursuit of power. Unburdened by moral restraints, Black delves into the forbidden arts, utilizing rituals that drain the essence from its opponent, sap the strength of their creatures or even call upon the dead.

For you see death holds no fear for Black, as it views mortality as merely a transition. Fallen allies and enemies alike find themselves reanimated, drawn forth from the grave to serve as loyal tools of its master. If after all their methods have been exhausted and anyone still dares to stand in their way, Black will unearth spells of unparalleled single-target destruction that obliterate any threat in its path. No entity, no matter how mighty, is safe from the grasp of Black mana's wrath.

This unapologetic ruthlessness extends even to its own forces. In the pursuit of any advantage, Black mana willingly sacrifices the weak and expendable, cutting them down to gain a strategic edge in the ongoing battle. Such pragmatic brutality mirrors the uncompromising nature of Black mana's ambitions, as it is willing to even cut its own life short for immediate power. Choosing to align with Black mana signifies embracing a philosophy that spurns remorse in favor of victory. It's an acknowledgement that power and influence come at a cost, and Black mana is more than willing to bear that burden.

As a Planeswalker bound to Black mana, you are one who is unafraid to tread the shadowy path, one who embraces the unrelenting pursuit of power, and one that will leave no stone un-turned in your pursuit of victory. You're the embodiment of the necessary evil, the one who will do whatever it takes to emerge triumphant from the fray. A Planes-walker of ambition without boundaries, one who is willing to take strategic sacrifices, and even wield death itself as a weapon.


Atop the craggy summits and unforgiving mountains of the multiverse, the fervent flames of Red mana burns bright. This color embodies unbridled passion and the raw energy of impulsive expression. Red mana urges all to heed the call of their heart and seize the moment without hesitation. The antics of its iconic creature the goblin represent the unpredictable side of the color, driven by a seemingly insatiable thirst for chaos. Alongside them, dragons surge across the skies, spewing fire and brimstone in a furious display of Red's untamed rage. To the Red-aligned mind, life is a canvas painted with bold strokes of emotion, each hue as valid and vibrant as the last.

This conviction extends to every aspect of its existence, and is reflected in how it takes to the battlefield. In the heat of battle, Red charges headlong into the fray, forsaking complex strategies in favor of direct and explosive action. Because of this Red excels at dealing swift and direct damage, typified by the iconic lightning bolt, a card that is simple yet effective, just like Red. Similarly, the battlefield teems with creatures infused with the gift of haste, enabling them to charge forward at the very moment they emerge, wasting no time in letting their presence be felt. Such cards favor Red, as it's the color who burns hot and bright, but can fizzle out just as quickly as it its spark ignites.

As such Red desires to end things quickly and without a second thought. So great is the fervor of Red mana that it cares little for the ground upon which its opponents stands. If the situation calls for it, Red can utilize spells that render the very land scorched and sundered by its fiery outbursts. For Red, every action is a reflection of its immediate desires, a testament to its fiery heart that refuses to be quelled.

Becoming a Red Planeswalker means embracing the essence of raw unfiltered emotion. It's a declaration that passion and instinct will guide your hand in battle, that you will charge headfirst into any situation with unflinching determination. So, if you yearn for the freedom to act without restraint and to fight with everything you have then joining the ranks of Red mana is your calling.


Amidst the radiant emerald glades and the shadowed depths of ancient woods, the essence of Green mana thrives. True to the very planes it calls home, Green resonates with the call of the wild, offering a profound lesson on how to coexist with the natural world. Rooted in its connection to the land, Green mana embraces creatures and magic that honor the untamed beauty of the multiverse. Across the multiverse Green is best represented by its most fervent of followers, the elves. These guardians of the woodlands and stewards of nature exemplify Green mana's unwavering commitment to the wild.

In great numbers these elves are not passive observers but active in the defense and growth of the natural world, bound by a connection that resonates in their soul. The symbiotic relationship between Green mana and the very Plane it calls home allows it to to harness that Plane's power. Through spells that generate mana, fetch land from the library, or even animate the very Plane itself, Green brings forth the essence of the multiverse onto the battlefield. Manifesting this connection to primal forces, Green is able to summon colossal creatures that dominate the battlefield.

These majestic beings stand as titans, a living testament to the beauty and power of the wild. With its magic, it can further enhance these already mighty beings, elevating even the most formidable beasts to a level of unmatched strength and resilience. As a staunch advocate for the natural order, Green mana harbors an innate aversion to the unnatural and artificial. It can easily dismantle artifacts that defy the rhythms of nature, eradicating the intrusion with the same unyielding force it employs to nurture the living world.

Becoming a Green Planeswalker signifies embracing nature's song, and heeding the call of the untamed wild. It's a commitment to being a staunch defender of the natural order, a keeper of balance. If you resonate with the rhythm of the forest, if you yearn to stand shoulder to shoulder with the denizens of the woods, and if you find solace in the embrace of nature then aligning with Green mana is an undeniable path for you.


Now that you have an idea of each color's identity within Magic: the Gathering, it's time to make your decision. What color, or colors, resonated with you the most out of the descriptions I provided, because yes, you won't simply be selecting one color. In fact the true beauty of the color pie comes in the mixing of colors to create something new. In fact by bringing two colors together you in fact unlock another ten unique identities to mold your playstyle and expression around.

Perhaps Green and Black held some truth to the kind of Planes-walker you wish to be, which would result in on who sees both life and death as two sides of the same coin. Or perhaps Red and Blue call your name, resulting in a Planes-walker who wields chaotic magic. You see the color pie, in all its wonder is a complex thing, so go out there and have fun with it, make it your own, and express the type of Planes-walker you wish to be, as defined by the colors that resonate with you.

Hopefully this article gave you the basis for understanding the color pie, but if you want to dive deeper then be sure to check out other articles on my website for more extensive discussions in regards to the color pie. Also consider becoming a site member that way you can be notified when the next article goes live, with that friend, I will catch you in the multiverse, bye!

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