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[Red] What Your Favorite MTG Color Says About You


Red is the color of passion, emotion, and honest action.

You are the kind of person who follows the beat of your heart, no matter where it leads. Sometimes it can get you in trouble but other times it leads you down new roads, roads that others might miss due to their own hesitation. You know that every road you take will lead you to where you need to be, as it’s more a matter of following your gut over your brain. As any form of doubt pulls you from who you really are; You are a free spirit who acts upon each fleeting impulse.

You are the kind of person who is pure of intentions, one with the emotional clarity to trust what you say and do is the real you. Because of this you don’t mislead people or act out of character, instead people know you for who you are, a person who says their mind and acts in turn. Without a doubt you are an open book; a person who wears their heart on your sleeves.

You are the kind of friend that is fun and exciting to be around as you are always looking to get the most out of each day and aren’t afraid to try new things.

Your sense of adventure and desire for fulfillment is something that people admire about you, and something that endears you to them.

As far as every day interactions with people you may say or do things that unintentionally hurt others, as your tongue may act before your brain, but it does work both ways, as you’re not afraid to let people know how much they mean to you and for that you are a cherished friend.

You are Red, restless, pure, and enthusiastic.

Thanks for reading my latest entry in the favorite color series. Be sure to check out the other ones to gain a fuller picture of what parts make the whole of the human personality. If you enjoy this sort of thing then be sure to subscribe to the site so that you can be notified when new articles go live.

With that friends, I'll catch you in the multiverse, bye!

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