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Retrospective: A DiceTry Year in Review

It’s wild to think that my second year on YouTube will be on October 21st. In many ways it feels like I have been doing this way longer and at times shorter. What I mean is that it’s become such a major part of my life I can’t remember not writing videos every week, and everything else that comes with it. It’s only when I look back that I realize it’s only been 2 years and I have a long way to go for my channel to be what I know it can be. With that said, I wouldn’t have made it this far without people like you. The viewers who are so invested in my work that they take the time to soak up everything I do, like being the first to watch my videos or reading the articles I write.

So, before we go any further, I just want to say thank you, thank you for all the kind and inspiring comments, the likes, the views. Some of you have been with me for a long time while others are new to my channel, and whether you are new, or a longtime fan your presence does make it feel like I have fostered an amazing community. I see it all the time in my Discord and comment sections. You all are amazing.

So how has this second year been for me and for my channel, well in short it has exceeded my expectations. In January I set a goal for myself, one that I thought was a bit on the greedy side, but hey shoot for the stars and all that. My goal was to be at 5k subs by the time the new year’s bell rang, and it turns out I should have aimed higher, as at the time of writing this I am at seven and a half thousand subs. The fact that I have grown so much this year still blows my mind and while it has been a slow build there was one major spike.

I have one video to thank for that massive change and that video in question was my argument for the use of the Color Pie instead of the D&D alignment chart, which really spoke to a lot of people and ballooned my subscriber count, adding many new people to the community. When I wrote that video, I didn’t expect much, but it seems to have sparked a larger discussion and fostered curiosity around the color pie, which is all I ask for with my content. It feels like that video specifically was an idea people were waiting to hear and I am happy I could provide that.

At the end of my first year with the completion of my two first series, the duality series and the slicing the pie series, I was afraid that I would soon run out of things to talk about, but that just isn’t the case. I would say that

my biggest takeaway from this year was the realization that there is an infinite number of topics I can cover

as the Color Pie is an amazing way to frame many discussions. This realization reinvigorated me, and I have challenged myself this year to really put this idea to work. In the end I think this new era has shown me that there is still a lot of room for growth for this channel and myself, and that I should be confident in my ability to bring that forth.

Now this year has held a lot of change for me, and it was beyond busy, and honestly, I am impressed with myself, as keeping up the flow of quality content was a full-time job, on top of my full time job and schooling. I decided to go back to school (Don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s too late)l in order to make a drastic career change. Now I am done that, and I started my new job in September, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

It may have been hard and some days I even questioned if it was worth making content anymore, but the moment I posted a video and was flooded with comments that doubt always went away. I know I said it at the top, but I think I have one of the best communities around.

The sheer amount of well thought out comments, adding perspective to my content shows you all really do soak in what I am saying and have amazing insight of your own. Even when people disagree with a point that I make they still give a detailed reason why, and through those comments I have also learned a lot and have changed wording and positions on topics because if it. Now that I am free to concentrate more on my content and less on schooling,

I intend to continue to up the quality and quantity and with you at my side I think the future looks bright.

With that friend, I’ll catch you in the multiverse, bye!

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