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Top 5 Card Art Kaldheim

With the release of any new set, the first thing I do is look over all of the new art that comes with it. This aspect of the game is what really gives us a glimpse into the world we now find ourselves in. With that said there are always those pieces that stand out to me and become quick favorites. So join me in appreciating my top 5 card art for Kaldheim

Now, these are in no particular order and are indeed more of just my 5 favorites. If I missed your favorite please let me know by signing in and leaving a comment at the bottom of the article. Alright, let's move onto the first piece.


Vorenclex, Monsterous Raider (alt art)


Richard Luong

First up we have the alternate art for Vorenclex and oh boy this is a dark piece, but if you know me that's the sort of artwork I tend to be drawn to. Just seeing this Phyrexian monster tear into this man, his chest ripped open, is absolutely vicious and I love it. The colors are simple and sharp, simple yet horrifying.


Rampage of the Valkyries


Billy Christian

Next, we have our first of a few Valkyrie art. For me one of my favorite creature types in MTG are Angels and the way they are represented in Kaldheim is possibly my favorite version. I won't get stuck on describing the Valkyrie themselves all that much but their blue wings and more rustic armor is quite refreshing after all of the Plate wearing simple angels we are used to. What's more, is seeing them descend not into battle but rather the aftermath of one shows that Kaldheim angels aren't the benevolent saviors they typically would be in other Planes.


Resplendent Marshal


Ryan Pancoast

Alright, here we have an Angel that has come to bolster the Warriors of Kaldheim in glorious golden armor. I still enjoy how the armor is still ornate while maintaining that northern barbarian feel. Again the thing I love about these Valkyrie is the colors that come with them, a sort of northern lights that herald their approach. I honestly just cant get enough and I honestly will want to return to Kaldheim just to see the Valkyrie again. (I know what decks I am making first)


Kardur, Doomscourge


Jeff Miracola

The alternate art in Kaldheim is just so cool, the almost comic book style does stand out in Magic the Gathering and yet it fits in so nicely for Kaldheim. (plus that's the best part about alternate art, the chance to do something that doesn't fit the normal style) The jagged edges and sharp lines complement the demons that honestly I find it so mesmerizing to look at. This one would make for a cool shirt that's for sure. This one might be the prin I grab from this set, but hey I am curious which print would you get if you could get it for free?


Eradicator Valkyrie


Tyler Jacobson

Alright hey, I told you there were going to be a lot of Valkyrie on the list but I have to say that Eradicator Valkyrie is easily my favorite piece of art in Kaldheim. It pretty much checks all of my boxes when it comes to the type of art I like. It's just so dark and yet the colors present are so beautiful. Its elegance and horror brought together in a way that draws you in rather than push you away. It's intriguing when what you should feel is fear. I know I said that this list was in no order but this one takes first place for sure.

Thanks for joining me in appreciating the art of Kaldheim, there are obviously so many great pieces that no one's top 5 could look the same, so be sure to let me know which one would be at the top of your list by signing in and leaving a comment below. With that, I will catch you in the multiverse bye!


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