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[White] What your favorite MTG color says about you

White is the color that is Steadfast, Altruistic, and Mindful.

You are the type of person who is always thinking of how you may be of service to others, or how you may lead others through adversity.

Ever since you were a kid you found yourself standing up for others and quickly made a name for yourself as someone people could rely on, and that is something that fills you with a sense of pride. You always were called the good kid, the one who followed the rules and lead by example, never allowing yourself to falter, but when you do make a mistake, you stand right back up, brush it off and move on. There is no time to wallow in defeat.

You are the kind of person who has trouble watching injustice, poverty and hate take place in your community and this is what fuels your strong sense of duty. You know you cannot solve all of the world’s problems, but you know that if you do your part then the world can be a better place. Now, this does not mean you will spend time helping those who do not wish to help themselves. You’re practical and know that there are those who wish to simply spread chaos and to them, you have no patience, rules are there for a reason. Often you will find yourself drawn to professions that facilitate this mindset, like becoming a Police officer, Fire Fighter, or Soldier.

You are the kind of friend that people like to have around, you’re always there to listen. You are the friend who can always be counted on to give a helping hand, whether that be as simple as helping a friend move or providing encouragement and a hug in trying times. Most people like to have you around, but to those that have more of a rebellious streak,

you can come off as a bit of a goody-good, but you don’t let that sort of thing bother you. In fact, you stand tall and take satisfaction in such characterizations of your character.

You are White, Practical, Selfless, and Dedicated.

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