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Colors in Other Media

Well before Magic: the Gathering introduced us to Universes Beyond, I was classifying characters from my favorite shows, games and movies using the color pie. On a few occasions I have even presented you with that interest of mine in the form of the “colors in other media” series. But because the climate around this topic has been heated for some time... I decided to, well, avoid it, but I have just been itching to get back into it, as it's such a fun thought exercise dissecting these characters and assigning them appropriate colors, and we have one advantage that the designers of Magic do not. You see while wizards of the coast has to think design first and fit colors after, we can go colors first and give the characters the exact ones that best suit them. So with the help of my discord I have put together this latest episode in the series, to answer the question no one asked, what are the colors of these 10 characters from across media.

Dragon Prince – Claudia

Our first character is Claudia from the show Dragon Prince, for her we went with mono Black with a light touch of white in her activation cost, which reflects her complex moral journey over the course of the series. Claudia is a character who has a passion for dark magic rooted in a desire for power and control. Despite her generally polite demeanor, her manipulation and distortion of morality align with black's emphasis on self-interest and the pursuit of power at any cost. Claudia's willingness to use magical creatures as mere tools for spells showcase her Black aligned nature. Interestingly though her motivations are base on her fathers desires, and show a side of Black that aims to gain more for ones self in the name of another. Her journey mirrors mono-black's themes of ambition, amorality, and the pursuit of personal goals, regardless of the means.

Valorant – Cypher

From Valorant we have the character Cypher who is best suited for the combination of blue and black, or Dimir. Cypher is the epitome of espionage, with a relentless knack for gathering intel, and the manipulation of secrets is a key part of his Blue side. His tendency to keep his own secrets close while extracting information from others reflects the deceptive nature of black mana. Cypher's calculated and observant approach, akin to a game of chess, mirrors the cunning and strategic elements of the Dimir combination. He takes what he wants without prior consent, using methods of deception and control, building upon the opportunistic and self-serving nature of Dimir, where personal gain often outweighs ethical considerations.


Devilman is in essence two characters, Amon and Akira, which together make up their white-black alignment, or Orzhov, which encapsulates this characters moral struggles. Initially kind and emotionally delicate, Akira's white aligned nature is evident in his deep connections with his family and friends. Upon becoming Devilman, the infusion of Amon fosters a brooding and violent side, reflected in Devilman's ruthless methods. None the less Devilman comes to care for humanity and stands against the forces of Satan. This dichotomy between humanity and demons, is pivotal to the Devilman character in all of its renditions, and is why the combination of Orzhov works so well.

Mandalorian – Mandalorian/Din Djarin

The Mandalorian or Din Djarin is a white-green aligned, or Selesnya character. This combination signifies his deep connection to Mandalorian traditions and a commitment to communal values. The green aspect manifests in the Children of the Watch's ancient ways, where weapons and armour serve as religious tenets, and strict rules, which guide Mando's every action. Ritualistic practices, such as armour smithing and atonement, underscore the mysticism ingrained in his Mandalorian identity. Mando also holds a great respect for not just the traditions of his people but also in the rules and laws of them as well. Promises also hold great weight to him, in this way he reliable and steadfast, built upon his white side of the combination. Ultimately, Mando's Selesnya essence weaves together Mandalorian tradition and values of honor and bravery.

Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer embodies the Rakdos aligned hero, with motivations fueled by his intense hatred for goblins, and relentless pursuit of revenge. His red essence is evident in his impulsive and emotionally charged actions, fuelled by a deep-seated rage due to the traumatic events that befell him and his village. The Black side of Goblin Slayer comes through in his methods as he is willing to employs brutal and ruthless tactics to achieve his singular goal, ones that lack any moral standing but are effective. In contrast Goblin slayer, while a loner by nature, shows kindness towards others and a willingness to protect the innocent which adds a touch of humanity to his Rakdos expression. This heroic nature mixed with Goblin Slayer's relentless pursuit of vengeance and blood-lust make him a true Rakdos hero.

Aladdin - Genie

Genie's vibrant and positive energy, combined with his mischievous and chaotic nature, encapsulates the Izzet combination perfectly. Bursting with life and benevolence, Genie's red essence is evident in his spontaneous and entertaining use of magic. His friendly and inviting demeanor, paired with his ability to explode with fantastic magic, aligns with the Izzet pursuit of creativity and expression. Despite his manic and explosive tendencies, Genie's compassion, wisdom, and sincerity in understanding human emotions reveal the depth of his character. The Izzet combination of red's passion and blue's intellect is exemplified in Genie's ability to both lighten dark moments with humor and offer serious guidance when needed.

Invincible - Omni man

Omni man, or Nolan is a character who embodies the Naya color identity, a fusion of white, red and green. Initially portraying the ideal superhero for earth, we soon learn Omni man's true nature. His ruthless loyalty to the Viltrum Empire mirrors the white and green side of the combination that makes up his identity, where his purpose is based in his peoples values, history and nature, even if it means committing horrific acts on their behalf. It's also in the imposition of order through violence that showcases the red and white within him, a violence that is both enacted by red and justified by Green and White. But it is his ultimate choice to abandon his mission in the face of guilt which reveals the transformative power of Red within the combination, as Nolan's short time on Earth challenges centuries of Viltrumite dogma, showing that even within the same combination a new character can be born.

Dead Cells - The Prisoner

The Beheaded also known as The Prisoner or the Fallen One, from Dead Cells blends blue, black, and red mana to form its Grixis identity. In terms of personality, the Beheaded's blue aspect is evident in its intelligence, strategic thinking, and ability to comprehend the complex prison environment. Its knack for sarcastic remarks and dark humour have a sort of red-black flair to them, this side of the combination is also evident in the prisoners single-minded desire for freedom. Despite its mean streak, the Beheaded showcases moments of remorse and empathy revealing a complexity to its emotions often seen in Red. All in all the Grixis alignment captures the character's, strategic intelligence, relentless desire for freedom, and its single minded nature when it comes to its goal.

Resident Evil Series - Wesker

Albert Wesker personifies the Sultai villain, a fusion of black, green, and blue mana. His power-hungry, manipulative, and ruthless nature, driven by a desire for self-gain and dominance is based in the blue and black side of his personality. While Wesker's almost obsessive need for biological enhancements and the implications of Project W, is something we see all the time with Simic. Wesker's scheming and resourceful nature resonates with blue mana, as he is someone with an emphasis on intelligence and strategic thinking. His ability to manipulate others and maintain a calm and collected exterior underscores the part of his personality based in Dimir. Wesker's pursuit of godhood and his willingness to betray and manipulate others for his goals further solidifies his alignment within the Sultai color identity.


Kaladin is characterized by his unwavering sense of honor, altruism, and commitment to justice, thus we have gone with mono white. His constant desire to help people, regardless of their treatment towards him, aligns with this colors emphasis on morality and selflessness. The Alethi Codes of War resonates with Kaladin's mono-white attributes, as he consistently exhibits traits such as readiness, inspiration, restraint, leadership, and honor. Kaladin's approach to life is that of someone who puts their all into others, and takes any such failings harder than most.

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