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Villains in Other Media | Custom Magic: the Gathering Cards

Villains are some of the most important characters across media, because without an interesting villain the struggle of the protagonists mean nothing. Magic: the Gathering has a host of memorable villains, from the devious Nicol Bolas to the vile yet benevolent Elesh Norn. But what of those antagonists that drive our heroes stories from other media? With Universes Beyond bringing more and more worlds into Magic, its never been a better time than now to speculate what colors these villains might be if they were transported into our favorite game. With the help of my discord, who crafted cards around their favorite villains, I am aim to answer that very question.

character - Bowser

Origin – Mario

Designer – The Icy Phantom

Bowser, from the Mario series, is mono-red, as he epitomizes the fiery and angry villain. Bowser's relentless pursuit of his rather simple goals of kidnapping Princess Peach and defeating Mario, place him pretty handily into the one color that follows through only on its core desires. Bowser is often shown to be boastful and arrogant in success and enraged by his defeats. His short temper and brashness often lead him to act without thinking, showcasing the unpredictable and chaotic aspects of red mana. This blend of aggression and impulsiveness, perfectly highlights the nature of Red.



DESIGNER – Claws72

For our second character I have chosen Thanos with the assignment of Mono-Green. Thanos' deep connection to the well-being of his home world, Titan, and his desperate quest to save it showcases a profound concern for the natural order and balance of life, a fundamental aspect of green mana. Though Thanos eventually acknowledges the inevitable extinction of his people it leads him to take the drastic mission of wiping out half of life, as a way to prevent overpopulation tragedies on other planets. This act, while vile because of the outcome for many, it's done so from a perspective of balance. Which I believe embodies Green and its tenancy to take drastic actions in favor of what makes sense from a wider perspective. It is not that he wishes the death of many but the prosperity of life as a greater whole.


ORIGIN – Beauty and the Beast


Gaston, is a villain who neatly falls under the colors White, Black and Red or Mardu, as he is a character driven by fiery passion, militant determination, and an unyielding pursuit of personal desires. His strength and handsomeness fuel an already massive ego, which is something that can arise from both Black and Red but become exacerbated when combined. His willingness to resort to ruthless tactics reflect black mana's cunning and selfish motives, while his obsession with tradition and possessive love showcases a mixture of both White and Red. Gaston's descent from an already unlikable personality into total darkness paints a portrayal of the darker sides contained with the Mardu personality.

CHARACTER - Grand Admiral Thrawn

ORIGIN – Star Wars

DESIGNER – JackOfDiamons

With the combination of Blue-Black or Dimir, I present Thrawn the Grand Admiral. A villain who epitomizes intellect, cunning, and a calculated approach to warfare. His strategic brilliance, coupled with his leadership style emphasizes his pragmatic and self-interested nature, which is characteristic of this combination. As Thrawn's character evolves, and darkness emerges out of his previously cordial, cultured, and a gentlemanly disposition, Thrawn becomes one defined by his calculating and scheming nature. His cruelty during the liberation of Lothal and the calculated attempts to kill Ahsoka exemplify his sinister and ruthless personality. Thrawn's personal hatred of Jedi and alliance with dark forces, during his exile, further deepens his connection to his color identity of Dimir, emphasizing secrecy, manipulation, and a willingness to abandon allies for personal gain.

CHARACTER - Griffith

ORIGIN– Berserk

DESIGNER – Sugar Cat

For the fifth character we have Griffith from Berserk, which we have assigned the colors White-Black or Orzhov. Griffith is a morally complex character, who is marked by ambition, sacrifice, and a calculated pursuit of his dream, and aligns with the strategic and morally ambiguous traits associated with this color combination. Despite his initial compassion for his comrades, whom had rallied around him because of their love for him and his prowess as a leader, Griffith's ambitions eventually becomes all-consuming, leading him to prioritize success over empathy. This turn is marked by his change in perspective toward his followers, whom he begins to see as nothing more than tools for achieving his dream, suppressing his compassion to cope with their deaths. Notably, Guts is the only one who challenges Griffith's ambition, and Griffith displays care for him, risking his life and losing composure over Guts' well-being. Griffith's rebirth as Femto accentuates his ambition, rendering him morally unbound in the pursuit of his dream, a shift I would mark as his turn to mono Black. His violation of Casca and subsequent mocking of Guts reflects his now ruthless and ego-driven nature.

CHARACTER - Starline

ORIGIN -Sonic the Hedgehog

DESIGNER – zrex629

With the combination of Blue, Black, Red or Grixis we have the villain Starline. This combination represents his calculated and sophisticated demeanor, combined with ruthlessness and cruelty with the occasional bouts of anger and frustration. Starline is a character with a manipulative nature, who believes that through ambition and cunning he shall prevail. Starline can be said to be mostly comprised of Blue-Black traits, with his preference for subtlety over overt methods. But despite this methodical approach, Starline falls into moments of emotional instability, losing patience and becoming prone to rants, showcasing the impulsive nature associated with Red. In his final moments, Starline's mental breakdown and fragile ego underscore his vulnerability based in his visions of self grandeur. Overall, Starline's Grixis identity encapsulates a character driven by intellect, ambition, and moments of unpredictability.


ORIGIN – Batman

DESIGNER – MisterE1033

The Joker, whom we have assigned the colors Red and Black or Rakdos, is a chaotic and sadistic force within Gotham. His homicidal, psychopathic, and ruthlessness are all indicative of the Rakdos villain. The Joker's reputation as Batman's greatest foe and the terror he instills in Gotham highlights him as a force of malevolent chaos. His sadistic and ruthless approach to physically and mentally torturing his enemies is a showcase in how cruel this combination can be. Time and time again we have seen him cause tragedy after tragedy all in an effort to suit his twisted obsessive ideology. He is in many ways selfishness personified, and cares little else for anyone but himself and batman, turning human lives into nothing more than pieces in his twisted game. To put it plainly the Joker's Red and Black colors are evident in his chaotic, sadistic, and unpredictable nature, making him a living nightmare and a chaotic force in Gotham.

CHARACTER - The Auditors of Reality

ORIGIN – Discworld


For our next villain we have the Auditors of Reality from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, who are a personification of mono blue, emphasizing logic and cold efficiency. As celestial bureaucrats, they meticulously oversee the functioning and documenting of natural phenomena. But this is where the Auditors' disdain for life, particularly sentient beings, arises from, as they see them as nothing more than a disruption of the otherwise logical flow of the universe. In their mind the universe would be a better place if it was a cold, dark husk of planets floating around in a predictable manner. This disdain for the frivolous beings that occupy such worlds is what drives them to find solutions for their sentient life problem, for the Auditors existed long before humans and would be quite happy to exist long after them.


ORIGIN – Lion King

DESIGNER – Thelesis

Scar, the black-aligned villain in "The Lion King," is a character defined by a hateful, sadistic nature and an intense desire for power. Scar is egotistical and narcissistic, which eventually drives him to murder his own brother in order and seize the throne, enforcing his rule with cruelty and manipulation. I mean if you wanted to see what a purely mono Black villain looked like, well scar is him. Scar's malevolent actions extend beyond fratricide, as he cunningly exploits the hyenas' loyalty to further his own personal needs and his tyrannical reign over the Pride Lands. His ruthlessness and disregard for others' well-being illustrate the darkest depths of the mono-black philosophy, portraying a character whose insatiable hunger for dominance shapes him into a truly formidable and vile antagonist.

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